Es tiempo de dar gracias…. y comer pavo/ It is the time to be thankful… and to eat turkey!



Dear families,

I hope that everybody is looking forward to a week with family, friends, traveling or just relaxing. Whatever your plans are don’t forget to be thankful for your little ones!

The 3/4 and 2nd grade learners have been brainstorming together and they came up with a list of beautiful and mindful things that they are thankful for in their lives. The second graders made an Arbol de gracias” a tree of thanks that they colored using the fall colors.  The 3/4 learners asked each other about things that they are thankful for and they shared it with the rest of the class.

The k/1 danced the pavo/turkey dance, they colored a turkey and learned about shapes and the fall colors…. and they danced again :-)))))

Damos gracias por: we are thankful for:

La escuela   the school

Mi casa my house

El mundo the world

La comida the food

Los animales the animals

El agua the water

Mis amigos my friends

Mi familia my family

El arte the art

La vida  life

El aire the air

La naturaleza nature

La ropa the clothes

La paz peace

Los veteranos the veterans

Español/ Elena   Spanish/ Elena (  I am very thankful that the learners had this one in their lists)

Los antepasados the ancestors

Amor love

América America

Compañia  company

3/4 graders: warming up questions, music day and ” Crazy about donuts”


these are some examples of the questions  that the 3/4 graders  do as a warm up exercise at the beginning of the class:


¿CUAL ES TU COLOR FAVORITO? what´s your favorite color?

MI COLOR FAVORITO ES.…… my favorite color is……..

¿QUE VAS A HACER ESTA TARDE? what are you going to do this afternoon?

YO VOY A.…… I am going to

EL/ELLA VA A..….. he/ she is going to…..

¿QUE HICISTE EL FIN DE SEMANA? what did you do on the weekend?

YO FUI...  I went…..

YO NO HICE NADA I didn’t do anything

EL/ELLA FUE he/she went…

CUANDO ES TU CUMPLEANOS When is your Birthday?

MI CUMPLEANOS ES.… My Birthday is…

El CUMPLEANOS DE ANA  ES…....  Ana’s birthday is….

¿CUAL ES TU NUMERO FAVORITO? What´s your favorite number?

MI NUMERO FAVORITO ES…. My favorite number is…

EL NUMERO FAVORITO DE ANA ES.…….. Anna´s favorite number is…

¿COMO FUE TU FIN DE SEMANA?Mi fin de semana fue fantástico y divertido,

¿ CUAL ES TU NUMERO FAVORITO? Mi número favorito es el 23

¿COMO SE LLAMA TU MEJOR AMIGO/A?Mi mejor amigo se llama Tom

MUSIC DAY-  One of my favorite days!!  I love music and I love seeing the learners enjoying music, dancing and learning Spanish at the same time!  with this song we had so much fun! we danced, we sang, we were silly and we, for sure moved!!

Here is a list of the vocabulary that we learned dancing, singing and having fun!!

Brazos extendidos straight arms

Puños cerrados closed fist

Dedos arriba thumbs up

Hombros fruncidos Lift your shoulders

Cabeza hacia atras head back

Cola hacia atrás bottom out

Pies de pinguino Penguin feet

Lengua fuera stick your tongue out.

Each week we have something called ” star word or expressions of the week” each time that the learners use them they collect points and at the end of each month we have a “special breakfast” October was: Crazy about Donuts :-)))

K/1 Pipo tiene Hambre!!

We have been learning about comida food, and how to ask if you are hungry, what we like, what we don’t like… we have had a visitor in our classes who has definitely been helping us with this topic. His name is Pipo and he is an hippopotamus, a big gray hippopotamus who is always hungry… so of course we need to feed him!!! I had a bag full of food for Pipo, so we also learned about food and we asked about what we like, what we don’t like, if we are hungry etc….


Here are some of the expressions and vocabulary that we have been learning and we have been asking Pipo:


TENGO HAMBRE  I am hungry

¿TIENES HAMBRE? are you hungry?

NO TENGO HAMBRE I am not hungry

¿TE GUSTA? do you like?


NO ME GUSTA I don´t like

ME ENCANTA I love it

ES ASQUEROSO!!! it is disgusting!!

POR FAVOR please

GRACIAS thanks




HIPOPOTAMO hippopotamus


ESPARRAGOS sparragus


LECHE milk

PAN bread

PERA pear

UVAS grapes






GRIS grey




Tengo, tengo, tengo, tengo, hambre I am hungry


Tengo, tengo tengo tengo hambre


QUIERO COMER I want to eat