¿Dónde estás corazón? by 2nd Grade

¿ Dónde están los corazones? where are the hearts?


Hay un corazón rojo encima de la montaña  there is a red heart on top of the mountain.

Hay un corazón rosado encima de las flores there is a read heart on top of the flowers.

Hay un corazón morado debajo del sol there is a purple heart under the sun.

Hay un corazón rojo al lado de las rocas there is a red heart next to the rocks.

Hay un corazón rosado en el río there is a pink heart in the river.

Hay un corazón morado encima del árbol there is a purple heart on top of the tree.

Hay un corazón rojo encima de la hierba there is a red heart on top of the grass.

Hay un corazón rosado dentro del árbol there is a pink heart inside the tree


Palabras words

Montañas mountains

Flores flowers

Sol sun

Rio river

Arbol tree

Hierba grass

Rocas rocks

Preguntas de calentamiento- warming up questions by 3-4

The 3/4 learners practicing the warming up questions. This is part of our daily routine during Spanish time.


¿Cómo fue tu fin de semana largo? how was your long weekend?

Mi fin de semana fue…. my weekend was…..

El fin de semana de Ana fue…… Ana´s weekend was…..

¿Por qué Brandon está nervioso? why is Brandon nervous?

Brandon está nervioso porque….. Brandon is nervous because…

¿Qué le dice Jake a Brandon? what does Jake say to Brandon?

Jake le dice…… Jake says to him

¿Qué hiciste ayer? What did you do yesterday?

¿Qué tiempo hace hoy? how is the weather today?

¿Cómo estás? how are you?

¿Qué ropa llevas? what clothes do you wear today?



La leyenda de Lucia Zenteno- The legend of Lucia Zenteno by 2nd Grade.

When Lucia Zenteno walks into a mountain village in central Mexico, some villagers whisper that her long black hair blocks out the sun, and they are afraid. Others say her brilliant hair outshines the sun. Frightened, they banish Lucia from the village and watch in amazement as their precious river follows her. The river falls in love with Lucia and will not leave her. Never had the villagers imagined that their beautiful river would leave them, no matter what they did—and so the whole village sets out to find Lucia and beg for her forgiveness. The book’s message/lesson is: You learn to treat everyone with kindness, even those who seem different from you.


Here are some of the words that we learned by reading the story:


Pueblo village, mujer woman, mariposas butterflies, flores, flowers, cabello hair, negro black, largo long,  luz light, sol sun iguana, tengo miedo I am afraid, gente people, río river, agua water, peces fishes, nutrias otters, respeto respect, naturaleza nature, desesperada desperate, lluvia rain, pájaros birds, sed thirsty árboles trees, perdón forgiveness, caras faces, distintos, diferentes different, animales animals, alegría happiness, ancianos elders bondad kindness