La Historia de Frida by 3/4 – The story of Frida by 3/4


Dear families,

I hope that during Learners exhibition you had the chance to listen and enjoy the story of Frida that the 3rd and 4th learners created. They worked very hard and they did a beautiful work writing and illustrating the story of Frida. Together, we learned, we felt inspired and we had a great time learning about Frida Kahlo.


1- En Coyoacán, México hay una casa azul. Hay una niña que se llama Frida. Frida y su familia viven en la casa azul.

In Coyoacán, México there is a blue house. There is a girl, her name is Frida. Frida and her family live in the blue house


2- Cuando Frida tiene 6 años está muy enferma, Frida tiene polio. Frida pasa mucho tiempo en la cama. Entonces crea una amiga imaginaria.

When Frida is 6 years old she is very sick, Frida has polio. Frida spends a lot of time in bed. Then she creates an imaginary friend.


3- Frida corre, nada, monta en bicicleta, boxea pero su pierna es muy delgada. Las piernas de Frida son diferentes.

Frida runs, swims, rides her bike, boxes but her leg is very skinny. Fridás legs are different.


4- Pero Frida es una niña especial, es creativa, es sensible. Los niños de la escuela se burlan de la pierna de Frida pero Frida es feliz.

But Frida is a special girl, she is creative, sensitive. The kids in the school make fun of Frida’s leg but Frida is happy.


5- Frida tiene 15 años, Frida es un poco traviesa. En la preparatoria Frida tiene amigos también traviesos. Frida y sus amigos montan burros y encienden bengalas en los pasillos de la escuela.

Fridas is 15 years old, Frida is a bit naughty. In the Preparatoria Frida has friends who are also naughty. Frida and her friends ride donkeys and they light firecrackers along the school halls.


6- Un dia Frida ve a un artista y pintor muy famoso, se llama Diego Rivera. Diego Rivera pinta un mural en la escuela de Frida. Entonces Frida pone jabón en las escaleras pero Diego no se cae. Que decepción!!

One day Frida sees a very famous artist and painter, his name is Diego Rivera. Diego Rivera paints a mural in Frida’s school. Then Frida puts soap on the stairs but Diego doesn’t fall down. How disappointing!


7- Frida tiene 18 anos. Un dia Frida va en autobús. De repente el autobús choca con un tranvía. Es un accidente terrible y Frida está muy malherida.

Frida is 18 years old. One day Frida is in the bus, Suddenly the bus crashes against a trolley. It is a terrible accident and Frida is badly injured.


8- Frida está muy herida y enferma y pasa dos años en la cama. Pero Frida usa su imaginación y crea arte. Frida pinta muchos autoretratos.

Frida is very injured and sick and she spends two years in bed but Frida uses her imagination and she creates art. Frida paints many self portraits.


9- Cuando Frida se siente mejor busca a Diego Rivera. Diego Rivera pinta sus murales. Frida dice “ Diego baja” Diego baja y ve los cuadros de Frida. Diego está muy sorprendido. El arte de Frida es especial, creativo, único.

Once Frida feels better she looks for Diego Rivera. Diego Rivera paints his murals. Frida says: “Diego come down” Diego goes down and sees Frida’s pictures. Diego is very surprised. Frida’s art is special, creative, unique.


10- Diego y Frida se casan. El papá de Frida dice: “ El elefante y la paloma”

Diego and Frida get married. Frida’s dad says: “ The elephant and the dove”


11- Frida y Diego viven en Nueva York. Diego pinta murales, Frida pinta también pero extraña México.

Frida and Diego live in New York. Diego paints murals, Frida also paints but she misses México.


12- Frida y Diego regresan a México y viven en la casa azul. En las casa azul hay plantas, flores, animales, colores y mucho arte.

Frida and Diego come back to Mexico and they live in the blue house. In the blue house there are plants, flowers, animals, colors and lots of art.


13- Frida tiene 11 mascotas: 3 perros, un gato negro, un loro, 2 monos, 1 ciervo, 2 pavos y un águila.

Frida has 11 pets; 3 dogs, one black cat, one parrot, 2 monkeys, 1 fawn, 2 turkeys and one eagle.


14-  Diego construye una pirámide en el patio de la casa azul. Los animales de Frida juegan y son felices.

Diego builds a pyramid in the courtyard of the blue house. Frida’s animals play and they are happy.


15- Frida viaja a París y conoce a Pablo Picasso.

Frida travels to Paris and meets Pablo Picasso


16- La ropa de Frida es también única, creativa, colorida, original. Frida lleva faldas largas, flores y rebozos.

Frida’s clothes are also unique, creative, colorful, original. Frida wears long skirts, flowers and scarfs.


17- Frida está muy enferma y tiene mucho dolor pero Frida pinta en su cama.

Frida is very sick and she has a lot of pain but Frida paints in her bed.


18- Hay una exhibición muy importante para Frida y su arte. Frida está muy enferma pero Frida va a la exhibición.

There is a very important exhibition for Frida and her art. Frida is very sick but Frida goes to the exhibition.


19- Los amigos de Frida llevan a Frida  en su cama a la exhibición.

Frida’s friends take Frida in her bed to the exhibition.


20- Frida tiene mucho dolor, no puede caminar pero Frida siempre pinta, crea arte.

Frida has a lot of pain, she can’t walk but Frida always paints, creates art.


21- Pies para que os quiero si  tengo alas para volar.

Feet what do I want you for if I have wings to fly.


22- Viva la vida, viva Frida!lllll

Long live life, long live Frida!!




La casa azul de Frida- Frida’s blue house by 2nd grade.

Inspired by the book that we read “ Frida and her animalitos”  the second graders created La casa azul, the blue house (The blue house where Frida was born and lived later on with Diego Rivera). The blue house is nowadays a museum in Coyoacán, México dedicated to Frida’s art and life.


The learners  created the blue house and they  put Frida’s pets inside, they used bright colors, flowers and lots of art to make La casa azul the way that Frida loved. They also wrote  the name of the animals and label things inside the little house.







Frida Kahlo and her animalitos by k/1

Frida Kahlo and her animalitos : from her childhood to her rise as one of the world’s most influential painters, capturing the beauty and strength of Frida’s creative spirit, which carried her through tragedy and triumph, and the animals that inspired her along the way. Brown’s innovative theme playfully considering how Frida embodied Characteristics of each of her beloved pets. Coupled with Parra’s bold colored art, reminiscent of Frida’s palette, make this biography a warm and wonder- filled offering for Frida Kahlo fans old and new.


This is how the story starts:


“ This is the story of a little girl named Frida who grew up to be one of the most famous painters of all time. Frida was special.


This is also the story of dos monos two monkeys, un loro a parrot, tres perros  three dogs, dos pavos two turkeys, un aguila, one eagle, un gato negro a black cat, and un ciervo a fawn. They were Frida’s pets, and they were special too” …….. If you would like to hear the rest of the story ask your child, I am sure he/she knows quite a lot :-)))


In k/1 we felt very inspired by Frida’s life, art and her pets. The learners chose one ( or several) of Frida’s pets and this is what they did:



Perla se muda/ Perla is moving by k/1

We read a book Called ¨Perla se muda” Perla a is moving. The book tells the story of a little kitty cat , her name is Perla. She is a bit concerned about moving, she is wondering how the new house will be, if she will have friends in the new neighborhood etc… she is so concerned that she disappears for two nights, I taught the learners a song to make Perla return to her house and get ready to move to the new house.


Hace tres noches que no duermo la, la since three nights ago I can’t sleep la,la

de pensar en mi gatita la,la thinking off my little kitty cat la, la

pobrecita la,la poor little thing la,la

mi gatita la,la my little kitty cat la,la

¿dónde está, está, está? where is she, is she, is she?

tiene los ojos redondos la,la she has round eyes la,la

el hocico muy rosado la,la a very pink nose la,la

pobrecita la,la poor little thing la,la

mi gatita la,la my little kitty cat la,la

¿dónde está, está, está? where is she, is she, is she?

sus bigotes la,la her whiskers la,la

son muy largos la,la are so long la,la

se llama Perla her name is Perla

¿ dónde está? where is she?


Here is the story that I told the learners based on the vocabulary that we learned reading the book and singing the song:

1– Hay una gatita que se llama Perla there is a kitty cat, her name is Perla

2- Perla tiene los ojos redondos, su hocico muy rosado, sus bigotes son muy largos Perla’s eyes are round, her nose is very pink and her whiskers very long.

3-  Perla tiene un ratoncito rosado Perla has a pink mouse.

4- La casa de Perla tiene 4 ventanas anaranjadas Perla’s house has 4 orange windows

5- Perla tiene 2 amigos Perla has two friends

6- Perla duerme y está feliz Perla sleeps and she is happy.

The k/1 learners have helped Perla to pack her things, here is her box! now she is ready to move and settle down in her new house!!

El ratoncito Diamante y el gato Tim by 2nd grade.

1  Hay un ratoncito pequeño, rosado y gris. El ratoncito se llama Diamante.

There is a small, pink and grey mouse. The little mouse name is Diamante


2  A Diamante le encanta tocar la guitarra eléctrica, también le encanta el rock.

Diamante loves playing the electric guitar and also loves rock.


3  Un dia, Diamante camina por la ciudad y ve a un gato  grande, gris y negro tocando el saxofón.

One day Diamante walks through the city and he sees a big, grey and black cat playing the Saxo.

4  Diamante le dice al gato : hola ¿cómo te llamas? el gato dice, me llamo Tim.

Diamante says to the cat: hello, what’s your name? the cat says my name is Tim.


5  El gato tiene mucha hambre y quiere comer al ratoncito ay, ay, ay que problema!!!!!

The cat is very hungry and he wants to eat the mouse ay,ay,ay what a problem!!!!!


6  El ratoncito toca la guitarra eléctrica y el gato escucha y sonríe.

The little mouse plays the electric guitar and the cat listens and smiles


7  Ahora el gato no quiere comer al ratoncito quiere tocar con el ratoncito.

Now the cat doesn’t want to eat the mouse, he wants to play with the little mouse


8  El gato y el ratoncito tocan felices juntos y comen chocolate.

The cat and the little mouse play happy together and they eat chocolate.