Máquinas/ machines by 2nd grade

The second graders have been busy learning about machines and I wanted to link the Spanish curriculum with this project that  Ali and Erin have also been doing with the learners.

This is a song that we created several years ago. We brainstormed together  and we created a song about machines in Spanish. Every year the second graders add something more to the song and the song is becoming longer and longer…. I am curious to hear  what ideas and words the incoming second graders will bring!




Máquinas, máquinas, Máquinas, máquinas   machines

Maquinas grandes y pequenas big and small machines

Máquinas simples y complejas simple machines, complex machines

Ruidosas, silenciosas noisy silent

Ruidosas, silenciosas noisy silent

Maquinas pesadas y ligeras heavy and light machines

Maquinas rapidas y lentas quick and slow machines

Peligrosas y seguras dangerous and safe

Máquinas frias y calientes machines cold and hot

Máquinas en blanco, negro y colores machines in white, black and in colors

En el cielo y en el suelo In the sky and on the ground

Máquinas aquí máquinas allí machines here machines there

ma- ma- maquinas

ma-ma- maquinas

Hacen nuestra vida mucho mas fácil Machines make our lives easier.


We  did our own machines….

I was describing an imaginary machine for the learners, and they drew it. Here is some of the vocabulary that we used and learned:


Ruedas– wheels (I say: the machine has 8 wheels)

conectadas– connected (I say: las ruedas estan conectadas entre si – the wheels are connected)

tornillos- screws

motor– engine


botón-  button

cinturón- belt

manivela- crank


marcha- gear

entrada- inlet

mecanismo– mecanism

cables- cables


Building this sophisticated and weird machine we  also reviewed numbers, shapes and colors.


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