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Ultimo día de Español-Last day of Spanish…. we will be back in Agosto!!

Dear families, here we are!! One more year of learning, fun and memories at CLC has passed!!  I so hope that you will have a fantastic summer!

I will see you in August and we will continue learning, having fun and adding memories!

I leave you with some moments of cookies, donuts and Spanish movie from our last day… happy ones!!

Feliz verano!!

Máquinas/ machines by 2nd grade

The second graders have been busy learning about machines and I wanted to link the Spanish curriculum with this project that  Ali and Erin have also been doing with the learners.

This is a song that we created several years ago. We brainstormed together  and we created a song about machines in Spanish. Every year the second graders add something more to the song and the song is becoming longer and longer…. I am curious to hear  what ideas and words the incoming second graders will bring!




Máquinas, máquinas, Máquinas, máquinas   machines

Maquinas grandes y pequenas big and small machines

Máquinas simples y complejas simple machines, complex machines

Ruidosas, silenciosas noisy silent

Ruidosas, silenciosas noisy silent

Maquinas pesadas y ligeras heavy and light machines

Maquinas rapidas y lentas quick and slow machines

Peligrosas y seguras dangerous and safe

Máquinas frias y calientes machines cold and hot

Máquinas en blanco, negro y colores machines in white, black and in colors

En el cielo y en el suelo In the sky and on the ground

Máquinas aquí máquinas allí machines here machines there

ma- ma- maquinas

ma-ma- maquinas

Hacen nuestra vida mucho mas fácil Machines make our lives easier.


We  did our own machines….

I was describing an imaginary machine for the learners, and they drew it. Here is some of the vocabulary that we used and learned:


Ruedas– wheels (I say: the machine has 8 wheels)

conectadas– connected (I say: las ruedas estan conectadas entre si – the wheels are connected)

tornillos- screws

motor– engine


botón-  button

cinturón- belt

manivela- crank


marcha- gear

entrada- inlet

mecanismo– mecanism

cables- cables


Building this sophisticated and weird machine we  also reviewed numbers, shapes and colors.


El Ratón- The mouse by k/1

During Spanish we have been learning about Shapes. We read a book about “La forma de las cosas” the shape of the things.

This is the vocabulary that we have learned:

Las formas, the shapes, circulo circle, triángulo triangle, rectángulo, rectangle, cuadrado square, óvalo oval.

We made un ratón mouse using círculos, triángulos, rectángulos y óvalos. We use círculos to do the orejas ears, triángulo para la cabeza head, circulo grande para el cuerpo the body and rectángulos para las patas the legs. The learners put the shapes on the construction paper and glued them.

We colored the ratón using color café o marrón, brown, rosa, pink, gris, grey y negro black.

Then they listened these sentences and they did  drawings using shapes.

Hace sol it is sunny. We used círculos and rectángulos.

El ratón vive en las montañas, the mouse lives in the mountains. We used triángulos

En las montañas hay flores, in the mountains there are flowers. We used círculos, óvalos y rectángulos.

El ratón camina por las piedras the mouse walks on the stones. we used óvalos and círculos.

Encima de las piedras hay un pájaro. on the stones there is a bird. We used círculo, óvalo, triángulo and rectángulos.